Our mission statement

At FondClothing, your sustainable streetwear brand from Austria, customer satisfaction comes first. Our journey began in 2021 with a clear vision to create unique streetwear that stands out from the crowd while being eco-friendly and sustainable. That's why we attach particular importance to the use of organic cotton clothing and sustainable fashion in Austria.

Our motto is "Customer First" because we want to ensure that our customers not only receive stylish clothing, but also have an all-round positive experience. We source our quality goods exclusively from Turkey and Portugal and personally check the production conditions to ensure that they meet our high standards in terms of working conditions.

As a creative label, location is crucial. That's why we chose the picturesque mountain town of Zell am See in the alpine heart of the Salzburg region as our place of inspiration. Here we create our unique designs amidst the majestic power places of the Pinzgau and the breathtaking landscapes of Austria.

Each FondClothing collection is as individual as the seasons. We tailor our designs to each season and create them with a clear scheme that is fully dedicated to a specific theme. Individuality is a central element of our mission statement, which is why every FondClothing collection is unique and limited.

With this philosophy, we make streetwear special and always offer our customers new, exciting discoveries. In our online shop you can find the trendiest shirts, hoodies and caps from the fair FondClothing collection and express your individual style. Our sustainable fashion made from organic cotton clothing and environmentally friendly materials underlines our commitment to a responsible approach to nature.

Discover the fascinating world of sustainable streetwear from Austria at FondClothing and be part of our movement for fashion that not only looks good, but also does good - for you and for our planet. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns – our friendly team is available to help you at any time