Our vision for FondClothing

Our vision is CO₂ neutrality, we want to score points with our packaging and clothing in terms of the environment, recycling and biological products. For us, as a streetwear brand, it is important to pay attention to the environment and do our part. At the moment we have already kept some of my promises and instead of 100% plastic T-shirt packaging, we now offer fully recyclable packaging that is completely biodegradable and contains no microplastics or chemical components. Due to the fact that this packaging is completely biodegradable, the packaging can be dissolved in water without a bad conscience and then used for watering flowers, for example.

Why did we choose this type of packaging?

Sustainability should become a part of all of us, not only for consumers but also for companies. It's often the small things that make a big difference. Everyone knows the moment when they receive an order that is wrapped in plastic such as t-shirts, sweaters, candy and much more. This packaging is no more than a waste product for most, few reuse this packaging. And because so many plastic products are just pure waste, thousands of plastic packaging accumulate every day. Toxins that migrate from the plastic to the t-shirt are also toxic. Especially for very young people who have only seen the light of day for a few months. These absorb the toxins in the body, which of course has negative aspects for a newborn child. small components end up in the lungs of newborns and everyone should be aware that something like this cannot be completely healthy. Because plastic is made from the fossil fuel oil and through chemicals.

Our further steps for FondClothing

For further steps we want to switch completely to organic cotton for our textiles that we offer, but that's not all. We also make sure that our products come from the EU and that European labor laws are observed and that there is a GOTS certification. Among other things, we want to compensate for CO₂ emissions where CO₂ savings are not possible, for example through textile finishing such as digital printing, screen printing, etc. Of course, we are gradually trying to convert more and more products such as business cards, thank you cards and much more.

In the future, we would like to work on using fully recyclable textiles such as fishing nets, plastic bottles, etc. Of course, this is something that cannot be implemented from one day to the next, but can be implemented.

At FondClothing, we are completely committed to CO₂ neutrality, even if we are only a small part of FondClothing . Is it a help for the environment and helps to save a small part of CO₂. We hope that through these implementations we will become a role model for other companies. In addition, we can possibly motivate consumers to pay more attention to where all the ingredients come from and how they were produced.

What can I do if my t-shirt is unwearable and ready to be thrown away?

As the founders of FondClothing, we can recommend recycling of clothes to every consumer. Be it at delivery points, delivery containers or at aid organizations. The companies that manage this can do much more with the old used clothes than if the textiles end up on the garbage. So every consumer can do something good and give the textile a new life.