Instagram cooperation

At FondClothing, we're always looking for exciting collaborations with talented influencers and content creators who share our passion for streetwear. If you have an Instagram account with a reach of at least 5000 real followers and your account is active, we look forward to working with you.

Our focus is on streetwear as it is at the heart of our brand. We believe that streetwear is not only a fashion expression, but also a cultural movement that embodies individuality and self-confidence. Therefore, it is important to us that your Instagram content consists mostly of streetwear and that your passion for this fashion category is visible in your posts.

We value authenticity, both in our products and in the influencers we work with. Your followers should therefore be genuine and engaged to represent an active and vibrant community. Real people who love and share your content are more important to us than mere numbers.

To ensure that the cooperation is successful for both sides, we also check the insights of your account. We not only look at the total number of followers, but also at the engagement rate, the demographics of your target group and other relevant metrics. By getting a full picture of your Instagram presence, we can better assess whether our brand values ​​and messages align with your content.

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TikTok cooperation

TikTok is a burgeoning social network that hosts a huge community of avid streetwear lovers. Again, we are interested in collaborations and look forward to creative content creators who can present our streetwear collection in their own unique way.

To enter into a TikTok cooperation with FondClothing, you should have at least 20,000 subscribers. Your TikTok content should be active and streetwear focused to best represent our brand. We're always looking for unique and engaging content that showcases our products and conveys our messages in a fun way.

The performance of your recent videos is an important indicator for us of the engagement and relevance of your content. Clicks, likes and general views are essential to assess the interest of your community and the resonance of your content.

We believe that creative content has the power to inspire and engage people. If you share this passion for creativity and streetwear, we look forward to conquering the TikTok world together with you. Show us your originality and passion for streetwear and together we will create unique content that will delight the streetwear community. Let's work together and build a strong connection to the streetwear world on TikTok!